We Believe


... that organizations must align their sales and marketing strategies for success in today's ever-evolving environment.  Our collaborative approach is to work with you to understand your core business goals, unique products and differentiating services.  We evaluate your current processes, messaging and resources to determine what additional tools, training and resources will provide the most ROI.

With a strong background in sales, and different than a typical marketing agency, our consultative approach to your SALES and Marketing provides a comprehensive strategy for the best solutions that will impact your bottom line.  At the end of the day, we love helping YOU achieve YOUR business goals with fresh IDEAS, guidance and resources.   Our ideas often compliment existing strategies to achieve the growth you desire.


Ideas360's mission is an alternative to the typical marketing agency providing comprehensive business growth strategies.  Our experience allows us to provide businesses with valuable insight and resources to improve sales and marketing performance while navigating the ever-changing world of business development.  

Hiring, on-boarding, and providing ongoing training for your sales force is a key component of keeping it real!  That's why we often assess existing talent to identify challenge areas and growth potential.  We identify and make recommendations on processes, systems, or marketing that will support the sales initiatives.

Our vast network of resources is designed to provide businesses with turn-key solutions to help improve performance and set the stage for growth and profitability.  


With 25+ years of experience in Sales and Marketing, working with small-medium sized businesses as well as larger organizations like SmartCEO and Xerox, Suzanne and the team at Ideas360 bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every client!    

See what our customers have to say!  Then, reach out to us and let's get started!   

About Suzanne Ratti

What's Your Excuse?

As the founder of Ideas360, Suzanne believes there is "No Excuse for Sales Success!"  She has worked with retail, Fortune 500, and small businesses to transform their approach to sales and marketing.  She has a unique perspective, with her 20+ years as a Top Producer and Leader for organizations both large and small.  She understands the complexities of sales, how to transform your approach, and provide the tools and alignment necessary for a winning bottom line!

Proven Success

Suzanne Ratti is a proven performer and entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses revolutionize the way they deliver their products and services to their target audience.  Her background in Sales and Marketing for powerhouses like Xerox and SmartCEO allow her to translate real-world experience, critical skill sets and proven results for businesses in virtually every industry and setting.  Suzanne provides engaging coaching and presentations that can inspire, motivate and empower business owners, solopreneurs, and their sales teams to think differently.


  • Sales Executive of the Year:  COS Xerox
  • Top Producer of the Year:  SmartCEO
  • Over 20 Top Producer Awards in her 20+ Year Career
  • Published in numerous local and national publications including:  The Business Monthly, BizPeake Journal, InDesign Magazine,  San Francisco Among Others.
  • Numerous Licenses & Certifications from The ExecRanks
  • Associate Board Member for HBAM & NARI
  • Executive Director for Thrive! Arundel

Giving Back


Suzanne believes that "Giving back to the communities in which we live and work," is a key cultural component of any successful business.  She has led volunteer efforts which have impacted local organizations like:

  • Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland
  • The AAMC Cancer Institute
  • The Lighthouse Homeless Shelter of Annapolis
  • The Wellness House
  • Cool Kids Campaign
  • The Red Devils
  • Fish for a Cure
  • The Anne Arundel SPCA
  • The Baltimore County Humane Society
  • Future Care of Arnold