Marketing & Branding

Sales & Marketing Alignment

We believe that successful organizations have one major thing in common.  Sales and Marketing Alignment.  But, what exactly does this mean?  Here are some questions to start you thinking:

  • Is your sales and marketing team cohesive?  Are they led by different people?  Do you still have silos?  
  • Are you outsourcing your marketing initiatives?  If so, how well does your marketing agency understand the sales cycle or process?
  • What kind of ROI do you have for your marketing initiatives?  
  • Does your organization view marketing as the top part of the sales funnel?
  • Does your sales team have the materials and resources they need to communicate (and sell) properly?
  • Does your sales team contribute and involved in the marketing philosophy?

We work with all types of organizations and industries to evaluate and align Sales and Marketing initiatives because in today's digital world, marketing is a critical part of your sales funnel and if you want to maximize your sales and ROI, your marketing initiatives must be transparent and supportive of your sales goals.  

So, as part of our sales approach, we evaluate your marketing initiatives to ensure that your budget is spent in the right places, with the right messaging, for the right audience.  More importantly, in a way that fosters and supports the bottom line...Sales! 



 In today's digitally driven world, customers must be emotionally moved to action.  What story are you telling your customers?   Is your brand and messaging effective?  Does the content on your website, in your marketing collateral, and on social media synergistic?  

We take the time to learn about your business goals.  Then, we create meaningful content that drives behavior, engagement, and action through the power of:

  • Logo & Graphic Design
  • Videos
  • Content Marketing & Blogs
  • Websites & Digital Strategies
  • Marketing Messaging & Sales Collateral


Crisis Marketing

Crisis Marketing involves effectively communicating with your internal and external audience, during times of crisis.  Different than crisis management, Crisis Marketing encompasses communication, pivoting your sales strategies, and evaluating revenue opportunities to help your business survive and thrive in times of crises.

Objective Strategies

We provide objective strategies because, unlike many agencies, we don't actually sell the services most marketers promote.  So, instead of trying to sell you PPC or digital marketing services, we provide you the strategy, resources, tools and even oversight to ensure those strategies are properly executed.