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Our Philosophy

Why is Sales & Marketing Alignment So Important?

We work with all types of organizations and industries to evaluate and align Sales and Marketing initiatives because in today's digital world, marketing should be at the top of your sales funnel in order to maximize results.  However, many companies still handle these functions separately.

So, as part of our sales approach, we evaluate your marketing initiatives to ensure that your budget is spent in the right places, with the right messaging, for the right audience.  More importantly, in a way that fosters and supports the bottom line...Sales! 

We provide consulting and coaching services for:

  • Businesses with growth initiatives, 
  • Coaching & training services for salespeople and teams, 
  • A 360 approach to leadership development, and 
  • A grass roots approach to sales skills, culture, and motivation.  

Powerful and engaging speaker topics will motivate your team to want (and DO) more!  


Our Services

Sales Coaching, Marketing Alignment & Strategy

marketing technology

When companies struggle with sales, it's often a cumulative effect, not caused by one problem.  We work with you to understand the challenges and provide strategies for success!  We've helped organizations of all sizes with:

  • Sales turnover & morale
  • Sales & Marketing alignment
  • Compensation alignment w/profitability
  • Transactional > Relational Sales
  • & Much More!

Engaging Speaker Topics to Motivate & Do More!


We provide a wide variety of motivational speaker topics, customized for your audience including:

  • The Key to Being #1 in Sales
  • Sales Isn't About Selling!
  • Team Building & Motivation
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment Matters!
  • Overcoming Challenges

Helping You Tell Your Story with Websites, Content & Branding

websites digital marketing

We create a wide variety of materials uniquely designed for your target audience:

  • Websites
  • Logos & Graphic Design
  • Content, Messaging & Blogs
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Convention & Booth Prep
  • & More! 

We also help you create messaging that will attract the right customers and engage them to buy your products and services.  

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Sales 101

Founder, Suzanne Ratti has over 25 years experience in Sales and Marketing.  She understands business operations, relationship selling, and the importance of having your sales, marketing and operations well-aligned.  As a top-performer, she saw first-hand how mis-alignment causes turnover, low morale, and sluggish sales.

By working with small-medium sized businesses and even power houses like Xerox, Suzanne has been able to help CEOs, small business owners, solopreneurs, and sales people achieve success.

Most importantly, the results and ROI she brings are indisputable!


We Believe

We believe that organizations must align their sales and marketing strategies for success in today's ever-evolving environment.  Our collaborative approach breaks down the walls between sales and marketing.

With over 20 years of experience, we understand that business development is a complex process that requires thoughtful consideration for each business' unique needs.   

Our approach is to work with you to understand your core business goals, unique products and differentiating services.  We evaluate your current processes, messaging and resources to determine what additional tools, training and resources will provide the most ROI.

With a strong background in sales, and different than a typical marketing agency, our consultative approach to your SALES and Marketing provides a comprehensive strategy for the best solutions that will impact your bottom line.

At the end of the day, we love helping YOU achieve YOUR business goals with IDEAS, guidance and resources.  What are you waiting for?

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