What is Sales?

Sales is the most vital part of your organization.  But, it may surprise you to learn that sales isn't about techniques.

Nothing Happens Until a Sale is Made.

What is the condition of your sales organization?

Sales is the heart and soul of any successful business.   So, it's important to actively evaluate your sales strategies, on an ongoing basis.  The market changes, technology changes, your competitive landscape your strategy has to change too!  Ask yourself...

  • Is your organization performing to its full revenue capacity?  
  • Are your sales initiatives aligned with marketing for maximum ROI?  
  • Do you have high turnover?  Is your sales team disengaged?
  • Does your team have the training, tools, and resources they need?  
  • How is the organization supporting the sales efforts?
  • Are your sales leaders leading effectively?   

We understand the nuances of sales.  Not only is it key to have a great culture to support your sales team, it is equally important to ensure that your sales and marketing initiatives have alignment. 

We take a holistic approach to your sales and marketing initiatives and create strategies and synergies that can have a positive impact your sales and growth initiatives.  

4 keys to sales and marketing

Do you know the 4 keys to Successful Sales & Marketing?


Sales Coaching & Training

Does your sales team have the tools and resources they need?  90% of sales is between the ears!  We provide coaching and training to sales individuals or entire teams.  With over 20 years experience as a top producer, Suzanne Ratti knows what it takes to sell and has literally transformed businesses for success!


Sales & Marketing Alignment

We believe that marketing is the top of the sales funnel, so when you work with Ideas360, you're going to benefit from our marketing expertise too!  We evaluate your sales organization and the support systems around them to ensure there is a cohesive structure in place to provide them the best chances of success!

  • Does your sales team have the tools and resources they need?
  • Are they involved in the marketing messaging and strategy?
  • Do they have the collaterals they need to execute properly?
  • What kind of on-boarding and on-going training do you provide your sales team?
  • Are your leaders leading effectively?

Alignment is the key to success!


Engaging Public Speaker

Suzanne Ratti can provide practical, real-world guidance in today's ever-changing world.  We provide engaging topics and workshops that will motivate and empower your team to succeed!