Happy Customers Experience Results

"After working with Ideas360 for 3 years, we were able to increase our average job size and accomplish exactly what we set out to do."   -- Chris Parker



"I have been working with Suzanne for over 3 years now and would highly  recommend her to anyone.  She is a master at helping you build your  brand and market yourself effectively to attract the type of business  and clients you want.  Our annual revenue has increased more than 50%  since we started working with Suzanne, and anticipated to increase close  to 100% this year.  Anyone out there looking to increase your exposure,  build your brand, and increase sales -- I would recommend partnering  with Suzanne!"

-- Chris Parker, President

 Parker Design Build


"Suzanne played a large role in helping bring our brand to market. She is  a very dedicated, skilled, organized, and knowledgeable marketing  professional. She was well respected and liked at all levels of the  organization and was frequently sought out for marketing related issues.  She is determined, eager, and meticulous in her work, making sure that  everything turns out as planned. Her ideas are well thought out and  presented in an eloquent manner. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time that  Suzanne and I have worked together."

Matthew Patterson, VP Global Sales

Global eLearning


"Suzanne has done an excellent job at getting our firm up to speed when  it comes to marketing our business.  She has come up with many ideas  that have worked successfully for us, including Facebook ads, website  content writing, videos and more.  She's a great asset to our company  and now that we have her, we couldn't live without her!"

Valerie McLaughlin, EA, CPA




"Suzanne is the ultimate professional, she is an extremely talented facilitator. She identifies clients needs and works tirelessly to match  those needs with creative solutions. When our institution engaged  Suzanne to raise awareness for us she created an extremely effective plan that delivered excellent results!"  

-- Rich Hunt, President Xenith Bank


"Suzanne is an excellent connector- she has the ability to create synergies between people in very positive ways.  This consultative approach makes her very effective."

-- Carol Coughlin, CEO Bottomline Growth Strategies, Inc. 


"Suzanne is a world class professional who consistently achieves expectations of the customer and established objectives for market  growth. She clearly demonstrates a mastery of customer needs through  closely listening at all levels within the organization, while creatively implementing strategies to complete satisfaction yielding  customer retention and growth.  Suzanne has the ability to focus upon the select few drivers delivering high achiever results through her wide-ranging experience in business."  

Michael Hosking, Former President COS-Xerox