You've Got to Understand Sales From the Inside Out

"No one fully understands sales until they have worked on 100% commission, been a top-producer, and closed big deals.  That kind of drive and motivation is unique and priceless... 

Find that!  Nurture that!  You won't have to watch the bottom line - it will grow for you!"

-- Suzanne Ratti

Everything Starts with Sales!

Engaging Speaker to Motivate Your Team

Suzanne Ratti is an engaging speaker providing real world experience, motivational content, and practical guidance for businesses and their employees, in our ever-changing world.   We provide speaking engagements to help empower and motivate your organization to sales success! 

Most Requested Speaking Topics

  • Motivation & Change
  • WHY Your Culture & Beliefs Matter
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Turning Transactional Sales Into Relationships
  • The ROI of Effective Networking 
  • How Great Leaders Follow While Leading
  • Coaching & Mentoring the Next Generation

Proven Success

Suzanne Ratti is a proven performer and entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses revolutionize the way they deliver their products and services to their target audience. Her background in Sales and Marketing for powerhouses like Xerox and SmartCEO allow her to translate real-world experience, critical skill sets and proven results for businesses in virtually every industry and setting.     Suzanne provides presentations in a coaching style that inspires, motivates and empowers business owners, solopreneurs, and sales teams to think differently.

Sales is a Relational Mindset

"It's not about teaching techniques and overcoming objections.  

It's about teaching relational skills, overcoming the fear of 'No' and 

building confidence in the organization and support structure that surrounds the sales team!"

-- Suzanne Ratti

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This recent event was all about how to adapt your business to the Millennial workforce and buying audience.

Speaker Profile

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It's All About The Numbers!

Suzanne led the Future50 SmartCEO Awards in 2012


  • Top Producer of the Year & Regional Director:  SmartCEO
  • Sales Executive of the Year:  COS Xerox
  • Over 20 Top Producer Awards in her 20+ Year Career
  • Published author in numerous local and national publications including:  The Business Monthly, BizPeake Journal, InDesign Magazine,  San Francisco Among Others.
  • Numerous Licenses & Certifications from The ExecRanks
  • Associate Board Member for HBAM & NARI
  • Executive Director for Thrive! Arundel
  • Led professional community give-back initiatives for over 25 local charities



Over her 20+ year career, Suzanne has been recognized as a Top Producer and Business Leader for organizations like COS Xerox, SmartCEO, ChesapeakeHome and more!  She has effectively led teams, local professional organizations, and businesses of all sizes to success.  

She understand the unique needs of top performers and is also adept at helping business owners 'coach-up' new talent.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas that drive bottom-line results